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Are Cormar Carpets made in the UK?

Yes. We’ve been making carpets in the UK for over 60 years at our Lancashire mills. We employ over 260 people at our mills in Lancashire. Together with our distribution fleet, distribution centre in Hemel Hempstead and our national sales team, there are over 300 people making sure that Cormar provide great quality and service. That’s why we have won over 30 industry awards over the last 30 years.

Where can I buy a Cormar Carpet?

At Cormar we don’t sell carpets online, our carpets can be purchased through our network of professional carpet and flooring retailers. Our website is designed to help you choose what style and type of carpet is best suited to you. We’ve a retailer network of over 3,000 shops in Great Britain and Ireland. You can click here to find your nearest professional Cormar retailer.

How much does a Cormar Carpet cost?

Carpets are a considered purchase and a good quality carpet doesn’t come cheap. Equally, a good quality, well maintained carpet can last for years and when you bear in mind how much use and enjoyment you get from a carpet over time, the cost soon comes down! We include an approximate retail price on all our carpets which you can see online. How much your carpet costs depends on the quality, the size of your room(s), plus there’s the cost of underlay, fitting and accessories. Our network of retailers will be able to advise you. To find your nearest Cormar stockist, click here.

What is “normal wear and tear” for my carpet?

Over time, all carpets eventually show signs of general wear and tear. It is therefore important to choose the right style of carpet for your requirements to ensure longevity. When browsing our ranges, take a look at the product information and suitability by room. Areas with frequent foot traffic such as stairs aren’t always well suited to super-soft, deep pile carpets, so please follow our basic guide and always seek advice from one of our professional carpet retailers. We recommend purchasing new underlay when buying a new carpet, as it can prolong the life of your carpet too! For more advice, take a look at our Carpet Care Guide.

How often does carpet need to be replaced?

Believe it or not, carpet won’t last forever, even with really continuous good care. All our carpets carry a 2 year warranty, with some carrying 10 Year Stain & Wear resistance warranties. Recent research studies have shown most consumers replace their carpets between 4-7 years, as tastes change and people tend to lay fresh new carpet when redecorating or moving house.

How often should I vacuum my carpet?

The simple answer is regularly! We recommend vacuuming at least 2-3 times a week to remove trapped dirt and dust. Vacuuming also helps keep the carpet pile in shape by lifting up fibres. For cleaning away stains, take a look at our carpet cleaning guide. An upright vacuum with beater bar and brush is recommended for use with cut pile carpets.

What clean cleaning routines do I need for domestic/contract carpet?

We recommend vacuuming your carpet 2-3 times a week. Take a look at our carpet care guide for more information.

What vacuum cleaner do you recommend?

We don’t currently recommend specific brands of vacuum cleaners, although it is important your vacuum cleaner is “carpet-friendly”. Carpets need soft brushes ideally to keep them from being damaged by excessive abrasion and suction. Take a look at our carpet care guide for more information.

I can see the foot traffic lanes in my carpet. Is it faulty?

Over time, regular foot traffic will flatten the pile surface in the main walkways, particulary on plain cut pile carpets causing areas of differential wear. These areas will appear lighter or shaded in comparison to the less frequently used parts. This is bit like a regularly used  path you would see on a cut lawn. It’s not a manufacturing defect, it’s just pile laying in a different direction and reflecting the light differently. It will not affect the durability of the carpet.

How can I get rid of indentations in the carpet?

Indentations come out when a carpet is steam cleaned or shampooed professionally. But you can also do a steam clean at home using a steam iron. Blast the area from about 10cm away until it is damp and warm, being extremely careful not to touch the carpet, then dry it out with a hairdryer. When you brush the area the indents will usually raise.