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Are Cormar carpets "moth-proofed"?

Moths only tend to eat natural fibres such as wool, they tend not to like carpets made from man-made carpets as there are no nutrients in them! With Wool carpets, all our Cormar yarns are treated with a moth resistant coating, which is designed to last the lifetime of the carpet. This will not always prevent moths from eating the carpets, so the best course of action is to remove the moth infestation before laying down a new carpet. Your local retailer can advise you on this.

What is the guarantee for my Cormar carpet and what does it cover?

All Cormar carpets come with a minimum Manufacturers 2-year Guarantee. Some of our carpets include a 10 year stain and/or a 10 year wear warranty. Please click here for more details or here to see which warranty your carpet has.