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When does my guarantee start from?

Your guarantee is valid from the date your carpet is fitted.

When should I register my guarantee?

You can register your guarantee anytime between the date your carpet was purchased or fitted and before the expiry date of your guarantee. As above, the period/duration of the guarantee commences from the date your carpet was fitted, so you should retain your receipt/proof of purchase.

Is the guarantee transferable?

The guarantee is non-transferable and only valid in the name of the first purchaser unless written authority is received from Cormar Carpet Company. The warranty is invalidated for the new owners of the residence/home unless authorised by Cormar Carpet Company.

What do I do if I want to claim?

Your contract is with the retailer from who you purchased your carpet, so in the first instance, you should always contact them first. This is why it is important to retain your receipt in case of a claim. If the retailer believes there is a fault with the carpet, then the retailer will contact us to investigate further. We may then arrange for an independent inspector to visit and assess the carpet to determine which course of action to take.

What is the guarantee for my Cormar carpet and what does it cover?

All Cormar carpets come with a minimum Manufacturers 2-year Guarantee. Some of our carpets include a 10 year stain and/or a 10 year wear warranty. Please click here for more details or here to see which warranty your carpet has.

Are Cormar carpets "moth-proofed"?

The yarn used to manufacture our wool carpets is treated with a moth resistant agent during the wool scouring process. This will not always prevent moths from eating the carpets, therefore the best course of action is to thoroughly remove the moth infestation before laying down a new carpet. If fitting a carpet at premises where a moth infestation already exists, the treatment will not prevent further attack. Therefore we advise that the infestation is thoroughly removed in situ before fitting a new carpet.