Stylish Grey Carpets for Timeless Elegance

A trend that is here to stay

We have a wide selection of grey carpets available, from warm stoney grey to light silver grey carpets, through to a deep charcoal grey carpet. Grey is a lovely colour to use as a neutral background allowing you to select more vibrant or subdued colours for your walls and furnishing fabrics. Browse our vast range of grey and silver carpets as seen pictured using Apollo Elite - Campsie Cliff.

Bedrooms are supposed to be soothing spaces where you feel relaxed and able to unwind. Warm but soft colours or rich jewel hues are perfect choices for bedrooms as they look luxurious and feel effortlessly cosy.

Grey is a forgiving colour, it has a depth that offers a rich, warm and welcoming feel. If you’re after grey carpet bedroom ideas, the most important thing to remember is balance. Make sure your walls are a light colour and add some warmth with furnishings and bedding in oranges, reds and yellows. 

From The Blog

Grey To Stay

Yes, you heard it here first. Grey is here to stay - especially when it comes to carpets!

The new neutrals palette of putty, pencil and charcoal means grey has firmly planted its feet as the most in-demand colour in carpet and it shows no signs of waning.

The beauty of grey shades is that they are easy on the eye, don’t steal the scene and make a great base for rooms – on floors, walls, curtains or fabrics – plus they suit both period and contemporary schemes. Grey carpet looks sophisticated in living rooms, makes bedrooms feel soothing and creates a welcoming space in entrances…

Pictured: Sensation Heathers - Riga Surf

From the experts

"Keep your grey warm with amber and burnt sienna undertones, or cooler with blush tones and icy blues mixed in. Complement with low height sofas and large light windows for a soft and serene living space."

Jess Contomichalos - Interior stylist