The Benefits of Wool Carpet

Everything you need to know about the benefits of opting for a wool carpet in your home...

Wool carpets are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also intrinsically practical. The integral characteristics of the fibres; warmth, durability and insulation, are carried through from field to floor. Here we discuss the many benefits associated with opting for a wool carpet.

Sustainable & Renewable

With regular shearing being a crucial part of caring for sheep, it means that there is a fresh supply of 100% natural wool available every year for the carpet industry. Wool is sustainable and biodegradable as well as recyclable, so it won’t spend centuries taking up space in a landfill, making wool carpet not only a great choice for your home, but also the planet.

Durable & Resilient

Our wool carpets are all extremely hard-wearing and all are suitable for heavy domestic use. Wool has a natural ‘crimp’ in the fibre meaning that a wool carpet has the ability to bounce back after being trodden on, allowing the carpet to retain its original appearance and reduce wear and tear, perfect for a busy home! You can also be assured that all Cormar wool carpets are moth resistant for added peace of mind.


As a natural ‘smart’ fibre, wool helps to create a balanced atmosphere in the home. It absorbs humidity in the air, releasing it when the atmosphere becomes dry and helps improve air quality. Wool carpets also serve as a natural filter, trapping allergens and removing them from the air you’re breathing.

Moth Resistant

All Cormar's wool-based ranges are treated with a moth resistant agent during the yarn production process, giving you extra peace of mind when choosing your new carpet. If fitting a carpet at premises where a moth infestation already exists, the treatment will not prevent further attack. Therefore we advise that the infestation is thoroughly removed in situ before fitting a new carpet.

Soil Resistant

Wool contains natural oils that are resilient to dirt and other household soiling; ideal if you have little ones around the house. This results in less time and money being spent on cleaning products, meaning that with regular vacuum cleaning, your carpet will look good for many years to come.

Warmth & Insulation

Investing in a quality wool carpet for your home can save you money over time, as a natural insulator, wool carpets help keep your home warm and cosy; a pleasure to have during the cold winter months!


There's nothing more luxurious than the comfort and warmth of a wool carpet. Another major advantage of a Cormar wool loop and wool twist carpet is the high-quality feel and texture, as well as the vast range of colour choices available. Our wool twist ranges such as Woodland Heather Twist are made using tightly twisted yarn, to create a hard-wearing dense pile carpet which is perfect for a family home. Our wool loop carpets including our Southwold range are made using two or three-fold yarn to give more of a textured high-quality feel, suited to both contemporary and classic interiors.

Naturally Safe

As well as being kind to your feet, wool carpets are also naturally flame retardant. Wool has a higher ignition point than other synthetic options, making it more resistant to dropped matches and other sources of fire. The natural coil and softness of wool carpets also acts as a cushion, preventing any serious injury from falls.


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