Carpet for Stairs and Hallway

A Soft Landing

Browse our range of hard-wearing stair carpets to find the perfect carpet for your hallway or staircase. Choose from our range of plain, heather, textured or striped stair carpets - all suitable as an extra heavy domestic carpet for stairs and hallways.

Pictured: Primo Plus - Portland Stone.

Welcoming paler more natural shades can lighten up a small or dark entrance by accentuating the feeling of space and opting for a cream stair carpet can be one way of doing this. Our Primo Plus range would be the ideal choice, with its easy-clean properties taking the worry away of having a lighter shade carpet in an area of the house that is susceptible to the odd dirty shoe running through.  

From The Blog

Choosing the Perfect Carpet

Hallways, landings and stairs are some of the most used areas of our homes with the highest volume of daily traffic and therefore require something a little more hardwearing when it comes to flooring. A more robust stair carpet is a good idea - wool carpets have natural, built-in resilience in the fibres and can be a great choice for stairways and landings. 

Most hallways — especially if they’re downstairs — can be subjected on a daily basis to things like water and mud from dirty shoes. Consequently, you’ll want to avoid light carpets that are much more likely to become stained.

You might think the obvious choice for carpeting is a deeper hue, but they can also appear dirty from things like dust unless regularly cleaned. A mid-tone flecked, or patterned carpet is the perfect compromise. The same advice applies if you’re after stair carpet runner ideas for your staircase.

From the experts

“Whatever you decide to choose, remember that your hallway and your staircase are the scene setters for your home - choose carefully and be sure to always make an impact and go with something beautiful yet practical, creating a warm welcome.”

Jess Contomichalos - Interior Stylist