Explore Luxury and Comfort with Our Soft Deep Pile Carpets

That Sinking Feeling

Sinking your feet into a deep pile carpet adds a touch of luxury to your home. With comfort usually being the first thing on people’s minds when choosing a carpet for their bedroom, this would be the perfect choice. Deep, soft pile carpets can also be a great addition to any low traffic areas of the home, such as sitting rooms or snug areas to create a warm and cosy feel.

Recent developments in fibre technology have lead to the introduction of softer, silky fibres such as ‘Finesse’ and ‘Luxelle’, which reflect the light on the pile surface, creating a sumptuous silk-like effect. As well as feeling soft, they can be a very practical choice too, with both fibres being stain-resistant and bleach cleanable – perfect for coping with those everyday spills.

Carpets offer that feeling of warmth and comfort we often crave, especially in the cooler months, but they also offer an extra layer of insulation for homes, as well as sound insulation; an important aspect to consider. Carpets are much more effective sound insulators than hard flooring. They, therefore, help to create a more tranquil and calmer environment in your home, which is especially important in bedroom and living room spaces.

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Softly Softly

Every year we see new fashions and the latest 'must-haves' come and go in the world of home interest inspiration and interior design. But when it comes to floorcoverings, the trend for 'soft feel' carpets show no signs of waning in a market where indulgence and deep comfort are key. 

From the experts

"For elegance, try to restrain the colour palette and stick to fashionable greys or neutral hues seen featured in our Riva range."

Jess Contomichalos - Interior Stylist