Underfloor Heating

If you're considering underfloor heating it is worth bearing in mind how suitable your carpet is...

If you’re thinking about installing underfloor heating in your home, it’s important to know if your carpet is suitable. At Cormar, we help guide our customers by pre-testing all our carpets and giving them a tog value rating to make sure they are compatible with underfloor heating systems.

According to research from the Underfloor Heating Manufacturers Association (UHMA) and advice from The Carpet Foundation, you should be looking for a combined tog rating of less than 2.5 for your carpet and underlay for underfloor systems to operate efficiently.

Tog Ratings

All our wool/wool blend and polypropylene carpets meet the requirements for underfloor heating, with tog values well within the recommended tolerances. Find the tog ratings for all our carpets by clicking below...

Things to Consider with Underfloor Heating…

Carpet acts as a thermal insulator – put simply, this means that carpeted flooring takes slightly longer to heat up initially but stays warm longer.

Don’t forget to consider the tog value of both the carpet and underlay, not just the carpet – to be compatible with an underfloor heating system, the total combined tog value should not exceed 2.5.

To be 100% sure, we recommend you consult with the heating manufacturer to clarify whether the combined tog value of both the carpet and underlay is suitable for your chosen heating system.

Your choice of underlay and installation method is critical for best performance from a heating system so make sure you ask your retailer for more information if this isn’t readily available. Like carpets, good underlay suppliers will improve the thermal conductivity of your flooring.