Beige Carpets - Neutral But Never Boring

We’re firm believers in the fact that a beige carpet does not equal boring. In fact, beige is a beautifully timeless shade that doesn’t just brighten up a room, but also lends a lovely, natural warmth to any space. 

Beige is the new black

Calling all minimalists, maximalists and everyone in between. If you’re deep in the renovation trenches and struggling to choose a carpet, you can’t go wrong with beige. 

Beige carpets have long reigned as the classic choice for any room in your home. From living rooms to bedrooms, stairs and hallways, beige is one of the most popular choices. And it’s not hard to see why. Always in style, beige carpets provide a neutral foundation for you to build on and allow rooms of any design to sing. 

This applies to your colour palette too. Beige goes with almost everything, whether your interior design is soft and natural or bright and colourful. A beige carpet anchors the rest of your space on top of a welcoming warmth, inviting you to make yourself at home.

Carpet featured (right): Fairisle in the shade Cinnamon.

So many styles and shades

Our luxury beige carpets come in a huge variety of shades and styles. Including easy clean carpets perfect for families with children and pets, as well as wool carpets for that lovely textured look and feel. 

And then there’s the colour. From light and airy to classy greige, biscuit and tan, you’re sure to find a shade of beige to suit a pattern or style that you love.

Carpet featured (left): Primo Ultra in the shade Beaver.

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Order a free beige carpet sample today

Whether you like creams and ivories, earthy greige or warm biscuit tones, there’s a lovely beige carpet waiting for you. Versatile and warm, beige has a remarkable ability to open up a room while keeping it cosy and inviting at the same time. 

So, are you ready to embrace the beige? We can help you find a carpet that’s just right for you. Choose up to three FREE beige carpet samples you like the look of, and we’ll deliver them right to your door. Your perfect Cormar carpet is just a few clicks away.

Beige Carpets - FAQs

Are beige carpets a good choice for a room with a lot of natural light?

All shades of beige are a great choice for rooms that enjoy a lot of natural light, helping the space feel nice and airy. Darker beiges can also work very well in rooms that don’t rely on the carpet to brighten them up. Darker shades are still neutral and classically understated, comfortably grounding your room and acting as a foundation for the rest of your design.

Will a beige carpet make a small room appear even smaller?

Light beige carpets can help make a room look bigger, because they reflect both natural and artificial light more than darker tones. This results in the appearance of a bigger floor space and a larger, more open room. Lighter coloured carpets don’t pull the eye downwards as much as darker ones can too, also adding to the illusion of more space.

How can I clean beige carpets effectively?

From vacuuming to blotting spillages with kitchen roll or a clean white cloth, there are different ways to clean different types of carpets, dirt and spillages. Our carpets come with a range of guarantees and warranties, but we know that accidents can happen. The good news is that most household spillages can be cleaned if tackled quickly. Find the best way to clean your beige carpet by checking out our carpet care guidelines.

How do I choose the right shade of beige carpet for my home?

When it comes to choosing the right shade of beige carpet for your home, your best bet is to find some shades that you like and get some samples. Alternatively, if you have a focal piece of furniture, like a sofa, try and centre your shade selection around that instead. Similarly, if you’re not doing a full redesign, use the existing wall colour as inspiration. 

It’s ultimately your personal preference as to which shade of beige you choose. The good thing is, it’s a very neutral colour and tends to be quite understated, meaning you can’t really go too far wrong with beige carpets.