Planning & Measuring

Get an idea of how much carpet you need before visiting your local retailer.

Introduction: Planning and Measuring Carpet

Measuring floor space and estimating the amount of flooring is a skill. Once you have chosen a style and colour, your local carpet retailer will come and measure your home accurately. This will give you the exact amount of carpet you require and will ensure that your house is carpeted in the most cost effective manner. But before you visit a flooring retailer it’s a good idea to measure approximately how much carpet you need. Carpet is usually sold in square metres, so by calculating the area you require, you’ll know how much you can afford or what style of carpet fits your budget.

How to Measure Your Room

Julia and Mark measure their room ready for new carpet

  • Use a tape measure to find the width and length of your room
  • Use metric measurement – it’s easier and more commonly used.
  • Measure the room at its longest and widest points
  • Finally, multiply the width by the length to get the area in square metres.

As an example, a 6m x 4m room will need 24 square metres of carpet. To work out how much you can afford per square metre, simply divide your budget figure by the quantity of square metres.

How to Measure Stairs

How to measure carpet required for stairs

To get an idea of the quantity of carpet required, measure the ‘tread’ and ‘riser’ of one step. The tread is where you place your foot and must be measured front to back. The riser is the height between each step. Once you have both measurements, adding them together will tell you the amount of carpet required for one step. To calculate the full amount of carpet needed multiply this figure by the number of stairs. It’s worth noting that on many occasions the carpet for the stairs can be taken from the excess width, generated from other rooms.

Finding the Right Carpet for You

A new carpet for a modern and luxurious bedroom

By taking these rough calculations to your local retailer, you’ll be able to have an informed conversation and identify the right carpet for you early in the process. Please note it’s important that your local carpet expert comes to visit your home and measure for themselves, ensuring they can plan the most economical way to lay the carpet. To find your nearest Cormar retailer, click below.

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