Buying Carpet

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What advice would you give when buying a new carpet?

  • Consider the area and amount of wear it will receive, downstairs rooms and stairs will receive more wear and general soiling than upstairs. Be prepared to spend more of your budget on buying a durable, resilient carpet for these areas.
  • Get your room professionally measured and go to a good carpet retailer, who will help you to achieve the most cost-effective way to carpet your home. By careful planning and use of the correct width of carpet he/she will enable you to minimise waste and save money.
  • Borrow carpet samples of the styles you like, look at the colour in daylight as well as the artificial light of the room to make sure it is what you want (please ensure the carpet samples are returned to the retailer).
  • Remember that carpet samples or cuttings provided must only be used as a guide, since it is unlikely that the carpet you receive will be from the same production batch.
  • Choose a good quality underlay, this will help prolong the life of your carpet.
  • Have your carpet fitted by a professional.
  • Keep your carpet care guide (provided with the carpet) in a safe place, so that you get the best from your new carpet over the coming years.
  • To avoid seams in wider rooms all our loop and twist pile carpets are made in 4 & 5 metre widths.

How can I guarantee colour matching?

Our carpets are made using different batches of yarn bought periodically which, naturally, can result in a nominal variance between colour and texture. This can be likened to fabric and wallpaper, where different batches originate from different production runs, leading to minor differences in pattern or colour.

To guarantee colour matching, we recommend having your carpet installation planned from one width only (i.e. either 4 or 5 metre), as colour matching between 4 & 5 metre widths, or carpet bought at different times, cannot be guaranteed due to the fact that the carpets will be produced from different batches of yarn. We always recommend discussing this with your chosen retailer for further information and advice. Click here to find your local Cormar retailer.

Where can I buy a Cormar carpet from?

We have a network of thousands of professional retailers across the UK who stock Cormar Carpets. Simply use our Find a Retailer function, enter your postcode and you’ll get a list of your nearest Cormar carpet retailers.

How much will my new carpet cost me?

Buying carpet isn’t always a cheap or easy thing to do, so we’re here to help! All our ranges come with an approximate retail price per square metre. To find out how much carpet you need, we have a simple guide to measuring your room here.

How long does it take to order a Cormar carpet?

We make our carpets at our Lancashire mills and deliver to our network of Cormar retailers within 48 hours. Contact your local retailer and they will be able to advise you and will also arrange book a professional carpet fitter and order underlay and accessories too.

Which carpets are best for young families or pets?

Our Easy-clean carpets are designed with families in mind! Not only do they look and feel great, but these carpets are stain resistant and with a little effort and regular maintenance, will stay looking fresh for years, whatever your young ones, or pets do! That’s why many of our carpets now carry 10 year stain and wear resistant guarantees. To see our carpet ranges, click here.

Be careful choosing loop pile carpets if you have pets in the house. Cats in particular, with their sharp claws, can damage the carpet and cause what is known as “pilling”, (which is a bit like ‘bobbling’ on a wool sweater) so opt for a twist pile carpet if you’re a cat or dog lover!

Can my carpets be used for underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating systems are becoming increasingly popular for new build residential and commercial developments and are considered an extremely efficient and comfortable option for heating the home. This is why it is important to choose the right Cormar Carpet which can be used over underfloor heating in order to maximise the effectiveness of any underfloor heating system installed.

It is recommended that the combined thermal resistance of carpet and underlay should not exceed a rating of 2.5 togs. All our product ranges meet these criteria. Please be assured that carpet and underfloor heating systems can operate effectively and efficiently together, but we do recommend that you consult the heating manufacturer to ensure that your carpet/underlay combination allows heat to be transmitted. The tog value of all our carpets can be found by looking at our product specifications for each range, or ask your local retailer for more advice.

How much carpet do I need (planning and measuring a room)?

The best advice we can give you is to carefully plan and measure your room. We have a simple guide here to help you. This is just to give you a rough idea, once you have decided which carpet to choose, your local Cormar retailer will be able to give you an accurate measure and plan out your room and guide you on expected prices, which is done on by the square metre.

What’s the best carpet for stairs?

Stairs are considered a high traffic area of the home, so choose a carpet with quite a heavy pile weight. Your local Cormar stockist will advise you. In the first instance though, take a look at our carpet ranges and see our recommended list of carpets for stairs. You can do this quickly by ticking the checkbox on the left-hand side of our Inspiration or Ranges pages.