Living Room & Lounge Carpets

Inglewood Saxony - Peak Frost
Easy Living

All our carpets are suitable for use as a lounge and living room carpet. Use the filters to select your style of living room carpet - deep soft pile luxury, shorter twist pile or natural wool loop texture lounge carpets. Browse our wide range of carpets for living rooms, whether you are looking for a hard-wearing carpet for the living room or a soft luxurious lounge carpet.

Pictured: Malabar - Tungsten.



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Lounging Around

Living rooms tend to be the areas of our homes that we're proudest of. We spend a lot of time in them. Whether that's watching TV or entertaining guests, meaning we usually want them to look as nice as possible. When it comes to carpets for living rooms, they should strike a balance between practical and stylish.

From the experts

"Choosing clashing colours can be a real eyesore which is why you should carefully consider how to colour match your carpets to your living room's overall decor."

Jess Contomichalos - Interior stylist