Wool Loop Carpets

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Create a modern, urban look with a level loop pile carpet or a rustic chic effect with a textured loop. Our range of wool loop carpets are crafted from 100% pure new wool using two-fold or three-fold yarn. Perfect for hiding the traffic lanes throughout the home, wool loop carpets provide a comfortable yet durable floorcovering.




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Naturally Wool

Wool is an excellent natural fibre that offers superb resilience to everyday wear and general soiling. It is mainly used on its own in a pure 100% form for loop pile carpets or in 80% blends with nylon and polypropylene in cut pile to improve its wear properties.

From the experts

"Natural wool carpets with tempting textures make the floor a real feature, adding the contemporary look of modern flooring with all the warmth and comfort of wool"

Jess Contomichalos - Interior Stylist