How To Choose From The Four Main Carpet Types

Choosing a new carpet doesn’t need to be an overwhelming experience if you’ve got expert advice to hand.

According to Cormar Carpet Company, most homeowners know their budget and colour of choice but often don’t consider what style of carpet they’re looking for or even need.

“When deciding on a new carpet it’s important to understand all the options available,” said David Cormack, Marketing Director at Cormar. “Most residential carpets generally fall into four categories which can help narrow down your search. Each carpet style has features that make it suitable for certain areas of the home or for those with a young family or even pets.”

So, whether you’re looking for something soft and plush under your feet, a floor covering which won’t have you in tears every time something is spilt or a practical, economical carpet, our carpet buying guide will help ensure you’re not ‘floored’ when you go carpet shopping.

In The Loop

Wool is an excellent natural fibre that offers superb resilience to everyday wear and general soiling. It is mainly used on its own in a pure 100% form for loop pile carpets or in 80% blends with nylon and polypropylene in cut pile to improve its wear properties.

In a wool loop carpet, the pile of the carpet appears as a series of loops so that in effect you walk on the side of the yarn. This means there is no visible difference in the wear between the top and the side of the pile -making it especially good for disguising the everyday tracking that can appear in hallways and living areas.

Loop pile carpets are great for creating a classic, rustic, country style or providing a more contemporary look. Loop pile carpets are usually made in a choice of plain coloured, textured or level pile surfaces, as well as striped designs.

Whilst loop pile carpets made with durable European and New Zealand wool are capable of standing up to heavy traffic, it should be noted that loop pile carpets don’t always work well with pets and especially cat’s claws, or abrasive shoes as these can pull out the loops. Care should be taken when vacuuming not to damage the carpet fibres, Cormar recommends using a cylinder vacuum with a suction head instead of an upright with a beater bar and brush.

Natural wool carpets with tempting textures make the floor a real feature, adding the contemporary look of modern flooring with all the warmth and comfort of wool. Try Cormar’s Malabar Two-Fold collection in colour “Husk” to create this look (as shown above).

Easy Does It

Looking for a carpet that is comfortable and stylish but also practical for family life? Easy clean twist pile carpets are an obvious choice for many as they have the ability to stand up to the everyday hassles of busy homes. 

Our easy clean ranges are made from Polypropylene, which is a great ‘family friendly’ fibre and ideal for children’s bedrooms, playrooms and dining rooms, where sticky fingers and spills are common.

In making these carpets, the yarn is twisted, usually using two ply, then cut to produce an even pile surface that’s very practical but also looks attractive. Polypropylene also has a greater resistance to colour fading than most other types of carpet.

Cormar’s easy clean range of 100% polypropylene carpets are dirt and stain resistant and bleach cleanable, making them also the perfect choice for those with four-legged family members - and with prices starting from £16 per sq m, they are an extremely cost-effective floor covering. 

Twist and Shout

Using nature's finest carpet fibre, wool twist carpets are made from yarn that is tightly twisted to create a slightly textured surface. Comfortable and hard wearing, wool twist carpets are available in plain, heather and flecked styles and are ideal for all around the home.

Whereas 100% wool loop pile carpets are limited in colour, 80% wool twist pile carpets tend to be produced in a wider palette of hues, ideal for injecting some colour into the home. Wool twists can come in both plain and heather styles such as Cormar’s Hampstead range (pictured is Hampstead in Fossil).

That Sinking Feeling

A phenomenon in the carpet world right now, soft deep pile carpets are an on-trend luxury look. Adding comfort and warmth, they are a popular choice for bedrooms but can also be used on stairs and in living areas.

Recent developments in fibre technology have led to the introduction of softer, silky fibres such as ‘Finesse’ and ‘Luxelle’, which reflect the light on the pile surface, creating a sumptuous silk-like effect. The Sensation easy clean portfolio is made from 100% Luxelle and comes in a spectrum of neutral shades.

Sampling is the perfect way to initially see how a particular carpet or colour matches in with the rest of your home décor and importantly, how it looks in natural light. Order up to three free carpet samples here.