Easy Clean Carpets

Easy as 1,2,3!

Cormar make a wide selection of easy clean stain-resistant carpets in cut pile twist and deep soft pile styles. Designed to be ‘real life-proof’ for households with children or pets, these stain-free carpets are made using principally polypropylene yarns and they are all naturally bleach cleanable. They also have the added advantage of a 10-year stain and wear warranty, for extra peace of mind.

Carpets in the dining room used to be a big no-no when it came to practicality, but thanks to the latest yarn technology, this is now a thing of the past. Cormar’s Easy Clean Twist carpets mean there’s no need to worry about any potential food mishaps, sticky hands or drink spillages. Aside from these benefits, a carpet also provides the perfect cushioning underfoot making it a safer, softer option for your home. Not to mention it’s insulating properties, keeping your open-plan space cosy and warm.

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From The Blog

Easy Does It

Looking for a carpet that is comfortable and stylish but also practical for family life? Easy clean twist pile carpets are an obvious choice for many as they have the ability to stand up to the everyday hassles of busy homes. Our easy clean ranges are made from polypropylene, which is a great 'family friendly' fibre.


In making these carpets, the yarn is twisted, usually using two ply, then cut to produce an even pile surface that’s very practical but also looks attractive. Polypropylene also has a greater resistance to colour fading than most other types of carpet.

From the experts

"It's best to choose a darker muted colour for the floors for very young children and get lighter as they go up in age where the chance of spills and mess are a little less likely."

Jess Contomichalos - Interior Stylist