Inglewood Saxony


Approx. retail £25 - £30 per sq/m
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100% Excellon polypropylene
Suitable for Extra Heavy Domestic / Medium Contract use
4 Metres, 5 Metres
Approx. Retail £25 - £30 per sq/m
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Easy Clean
Bleach Cleanable Logo Blue
Bleach Cleanable
10 Full Year Warranty Logo Blue
10 Year Stain & Wear Guarantee
Made in Britain
Inglewood Saxony

Made from soft 100% Excellon Polypropylene provides a luxurious feel underfoot. Bleach cleanable with a 10 Year Stain and Wear guarantee.

Please note: Imagery is for guidance only - We would always recommend ordering samples or visiting a local retailer to see the true colour.

Highly Satisfied Customer
I purchased the Inglewood saxony in sweet chestnut. Carpet is described as easy strain removal, and that is exactly what you get. My carpet is less than 1 week laid and already it's been tested by 2 french Bulldogs. First by one of them peeing, which I followed Cormars guidelines on how to remove. Then in the same night, our dog got sick on the stairs. Once again I followed instructions on the guarantee and care guide booklet given on day of delivery. The next morning, carpet was as if no accidents had happened. I am a very satisfied customer and I highly recommend this carpet for anyone who has pets.
Helen 28/04/2022
Quality Green Carpet
A lovely reasonably priced quality carpet in the Inglewood Saxony. Nice colour too Willow a soft green. Far too much beige and grey these days. Well done Cormar for supplying an alternative.
Anonymous 23/03/2022
Superb quality carpets. We selected the Inglewood Saxony range for our bedrooms and they are soft, and beautiful.
Anonymous 17/02/2022
British Made Lovely Carpet
British made Lovely carpet. Looks brilliant feels good. Would choose a Cormar Carpet again.
Susan 15/09/2021
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