Underlay is so important for the maintenance and life of your carpet. Your local retailer will be there to advise you on the ideal type of underlay for your Cormar carpet.

Choosing something of good quality will help prevent the carpet pile from flattening, ensuring it retains its appearance for longer.



Things to consider and recommendations

Should I use old underlay?

Your carpet will need firm and consistent support to sustain maximum performance. Fitting old underlay can reduce the life of the carpet as it won’t provide the right support, resulting in wear showing quicker.

Is soft or firm underlay better?

Firmer underlay gives added protection to the carpet against the hard subfloor during normal walking. It also reduces indentations from heavy furniture and helps prevent creasing by limiting vertical movement and stretching of the carpet. 

Soft, low density underlay doesn’t provide adequate support in heavy wear or high traffic areas, as the carpet pile is effectively squashed against the subfloor, accelerating wear and reducing appearance.

An underlay that is too soft will collapse under the pressure, distorting the carpet backing and preventing good recovery. Any indentations will be more severe and movement increased, especially where heavy furniture is present and moved around the room occasionally.

Should I use Underlay for stairs?

The choice of underlay for the stairs is especially important. Firmer underlay is often needed to give a good cushion and support the carpet, especially at the edges where they get the most wear.

Choosing a good quality, new underlay will therefore help prolong the life of your Cormar carpet.

What underlay does Cormar Carpets recommend?

It’s always best to speak to your local retailer and view any samples on offer. If you can when in-store, try a sample of the underlay underneath your chosen carpet to get a good feel underfoot.