Six Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a New Carpet

There’s nothing difficult about buying and looking after carpets, but like anything else, a few professional tips can help.

As we know a thing or two about carpets, we’ve put together six essential questions you need to consider before choosing the right carpet for your home.

1. What room are you buying carpet for?

Think about where the carpet is to go. High traffic areas (stairshallways, etc.) need hard-wearing practical carpets that will retain their appearance, whereas bedrooms can be fitted with more luxurious qualities as they don’t receive such consistent use. When it comes to the living room, wool or wool-rich twist piles have superb resilience to wear and tear, though easy clean polypropylene carpets are stain-resistant and bleach cleanable.

2. What’s your budget?

Be realistic. Carpet, like anything, can vary in price – from the very cheap to the very expensive. The best thing is to work out how much you want to spend but don’t forget to include the cost of fitting, underlay and other materials.

Do your research online and it’s a good idea to order free samples so you get an idea of the type of carpet versus price and to check it's right for your room.

3. What’s your priority? Texture? Colour? Cleanability?

Consider what’s important for you, your family circumstances and your home. If you need a carpet that’s easy to clean, look out for ‘family friendly’ fibres, such as our SensationPrimo or Apollo collections which are all dirt and stain resistant and bleach cleanable. If you’ve a household pet at home, you may also want to consider our easy-clean carpets – most of which carry a 10-year guarantee against stain and wear resistance.

4. Once you’ve found a carpet you like, what are the next steps?

Find a good retailer. Our website will guide you to your nearest Cormar stockist. Simply add your postcode and we’ll give you a list of retailers local to you. One that will help you to achieve the most cost-effective way to carpet your home; ask you plenty of questions to determine the most suitable carpet; discuss the various options available and let you take a larger sample home to see how the carpet works with other furnishings. Good retailers will always recommend the room is professionally measured so that the correct amount of carpet is ordered to minimise waste and save money.

5. What additional considerations need to be made when ordering your carpet?

Our carpets are made using different batches of yarn bought periodically which, naturally, can result in a nominal variance between colour and texture. This can be likened to fabric and wallpaper, where different batches originate from different production runs, leading to minor differences in pattern or colour.

As a consequence, colour matching between 4 & 5 metre widths, or carpet bought at different times, cannot be guaranteed due to the fact that the carpets will be produced from different batches of yarn. For the same reason, we recommend having your carpet installation planned from one width only (i.e. either 4 or 5 metre).

It is also advised that your carpet is fitted with a quality, new underlay underneath. A good quality underlay prolongs the life of your carpet - either rubber or felt. For the best results, a new and firm underlay should be laid on a clean dry floor.

We always recommend discussing this with your chosen retailer for further information and advice.

6. How soon do I need the carpet?

Every retailer will vary so don’t be afraid to ask, but usually your Cormar carpet can be fitted within two weeks of purchase. The busiest time for carpet retailers is in the autumn – so avoid the rush by buying at non-peak times if you are in a hurry to have your carpet fitted quickly. There's a lot to consider including getting a convenient time for both you and your carpet fitter, so speak to your Cormar retailer who will be able to advise.

All our carpet ranges are manufactured in Great Britain and with our own nationwide delivery fleet, we offer fast turnaround on most carpets and can deliver to our retailer stockists within 48 hours.