Understanding the Importance of Underlay

Do I really need new underlay when purchasing a new carpet?

Simple answer, YES!

You may think it’s a sales trick or even want to save a few pounds but there are genuine reasons why you should put down new underlay when buying a new carpet.

For instance, did you know that a good quality underlay prolongs the life of your carpet because it cushions the impact of foot traffic, as well as giving added comfort? Or that it helps to insulate the home? And even helps to reduce noise and sound?

If you’ve had your previous underlay down for a number of years, it is time to replace it.

For the best results a new and firm underlay should be laid on a clean dry floor. The underlay should then be fixed by tacks or tape, with joins butted together. As woven secondary backed carpets need to be stretched evenly across the room from wall to wall, this will stop movement of the underlay when the carpet is laid. The carpet should be stretched evenly and held on a carpet gripper which has been pre-nailed to the perimeter of the room. This will ensure the pile of the carpet will sit upright, giving the best resilience to foot traffic. This also helps to reduce the wear of your carpet.

Trust us, underlay is well worth the investment. Equally manufacturers warranties may be invalidated if new underlay is not fitted with the new carpet.

So when your retailer asks if you need new underlay with your new carpet, the answer should always be yes!