How to Experiment With Dark Colours in Your Home

Don’t be afraid of the dark when it comes to the home!

While it can feel like a bold choice, a statement carpet in inky black, moody blue, charcoal grey or opulent plum can add real drama and glamour to a room.

It’s much more interesting to play with colour and dark hues can create a warm and welcoming space – plus a dark coloured carpet can also be very practical.

There’s also a common misconception that dark colours should be avoided as they can make a room seem smaller and gloomy. While they can be harder to use, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t – just take more care with where and how you use them.

Here are our top tips on using dark colours in the home:


  • Floors often set the tone of a room, so using a dark coloured carpet in this space opens up lots of opportunities to play with contrasting colours in the paintwork, the furnishings and interior accessories – think outside the box!
  • Dark shades work well in creating a boutique-style bedroom. Don’t be afraid to co-ordinate dark flooring and walls for a scheme that’s rich in colour. With the right furniture and furnishings, you can design either a romantic setting (think deep dark greys with blush tones) or a more mysterious feel with a moody blue carpet and opulent upholstery.
  • If you’re worried that a darker shade of carpet will look too ‘heavy’, make sure you dress the room up with lots of light or bright coloured furnishings. Neutral tones such as whites, soft greys and muted shades on your walls will help to balance the room, whereas citrus brights will inject just the right amount of colour without taking the focus off the flooring.
  • If blacks and greys aren’t your style choose intense aubergine or rich red shades for a similar effect. In a hallway entrance the results can be eye catching and eclectic. For a more contemporary interior, keep the rest of the room minimalist with crisp white walls or soft creams. Country schemes will look amazing with a strong plum hue especially when teamed with prints, distressed furniture and retro knick-knacks to create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere.

If you’re toying with the idea of a darker shade of carpet, take advantage of our free carpet sample service. You can order three free samples of your choice to compare and contrast in your own home.