Why We Love Decorating With Neutrals

While some colours fall in and out of fashion, neutrals never go out of favour.

Timeless shades give you much more freedom when it comes to decorating and the new bank of neutrals that are out there are anything but boring. From palettes of soft silvers, nutty greys, creamy whites or stony beiges there’s something for everyone.

There are lots of reasons why you should use neutrals in your interior design scheme:


  • Versatility- The beauty of neutrals is that they work with everything. Want to change an accent colour from blue to orange? No problem. Practically every colour works with this colour scheme
  • A great base shade to show off other furniture and furnishings- A neutral scheme works well when you have other features that you want to shine. For example, large windows, exposed brickwork, beams or even a beautiful piece of furniture.

You never get tired of a neutral- While that bright red may have seemed a good idea a year ago, chances are you might be fed up of it now. Neutral will always be a classic and are still the most practical, long-term, budget-friendly choice. Fancy the new ‘in’ colour (Living Coral according to Pantone)? Then add cushions, a rug or decorative accessories instead. Easily changeable when you want to add a new shade to the mix.

  • Great selling point- Thinking of putting your property on the market? While that vibrant purple may be your favourite colour of carpet, it may not be the person who wants to buy your house. Neutral interiors are more attractive to potential buyers and appeal to almost any taste.       
  • Experiment- A neutral shade, especially in carpet, allows you to experiment with texture without it being overpowering. Try a neutral carpet in a basket weave design – such as our Malabar range in Tungsten – to make the floor a real feature.

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