Dining Rooms

To Carpet? Or not to Carpet?

The last few years have seen a surge in homeowners and builders opting for open plan spaces, incorporating a living diner into their homes. This doesn’t just make a space more efficient and multi-functional but creates ‘communal living’, meaning more together time for a family. It’s for this reason that homeowners are increasingly choosing carpet as a soft but practical floor-covering to run throughout their home. Carpets in the dining room used to be a big no-no when it came to practicality. Now, times are changing and the pressures to choose a hard floor-covering are becoming a thing of the past, thanks to the latest yarn technology.

From The Blog

A 100% polypropylene carpet is stain resistant and bleach cleanable. Manufactured using tenth gauge machinery, Cormar’s Easy Clean range is renowned for its hard-wearing capabilities, making it ideal for dining and eating areas! Aside from these benefits, a carpet also provides the perfect cushioning underfoot, making it a softer option for your home. Not to mention it’s insulating properties, keeping your dining room warm and comfortable. 

From the experts

"A derivative of the word “dine” – the dining room is where one consumes food. It’s, for this reason, many people shy away from carpets and choose alternative floor coverings such as wood, laminate or stone where spillages and dropped food can easily be wiped away. But thanks to Cormar’s Easy Clean carpet collection, using the latest yarn technology, carpet can exude total style and comfort, but with convenience and practicality in mind - making carpet stains a worry of the past!"

Jess Contomichalos - Interior Stylist