Caring for your carpet

Your carpet should complete the perfect look in your home. It will add style, comfort and warmth. Naturally, you’ll want the look, feel and enjoyment to last. To help you do just that you’ll need to take good care of it, maintain it as well as you can, and clean it properly.



The key to good maintenance is to avoid particles of loose dirt and dust working their way into the carpet pile where they can act abrasively on the fibres and discolour the carpet.

- Vacuum regularly at least 2-3 times a week.

- A large, strong doormat will reduce dirt from outside being spread around the house.

- Removing your shoes at the front door will lessen the impact of everyday wear and tear

- Avoid where possible, laying light coloured carpets next to external entrances.​

Vacuuming carpet

Man –made fibre and wool carpets should be vacuumed regularly as soon as they are laid.

Loop Pile carpet

Loop pile carpets should be vacuumed with a cylinder cleaner using the suction head only. Avoid using beater heads and brushes – they will catch and lift the fibres, and eventually this will give your carpet a bobbled or felted appearance.

Cut Pile carpet

Cut pile carpets should ideally be vacuumed with an upright vacuum cleaner with a beater bar and brush. You can also opt to use a cylinder vacuum cleaner with a similar attachment.

Soft Deep Pile carpet

We recommend a vacuum cleaner with an adjustable height for soft deep cut pile    carpets, to ensure proper airflow over the pile surface, during cleaning.


In a busy house with a young family, pets, or plenty of visitors, spills and stains can happen at any time.

The good news is that carpets can be cleaned easily and simply by following the recommended guidelines below:

- Tackle spillages and stains immediately, don’t leave them until later or allow them to dry.

- Blot away all the liquid stain with dry kitchen towel or a clean white dry cloth.

- Semi-solid substances should be removed with a plastic spatula.

- Remember to be patient – don’t rub vigorously or over-soak the stain.

- Always work from the outside of the stain inwards to minimise it spreading.

- To clean off any remaining stains, blot with a clean, damp cloth soaked in warm water.

 For our easy-clean, polypropylene carpets, a solution of bleach and warm water can be used. Simply dilute one part bleach to six parts water. Note: Do not use this on wool carpets and take care not to over-soak the carpet. Repeat if required or contact a      professional cleaner if more persistent stains remain.