New Trucks at Cormar

To support the growth in the business, once again we have turned to DAF to purchase 10 new trucks. This has enabled us to underpin the network and deliver our peak volumes.

Lead times on trucks and the specialised equipment needed for our operation are growing due to higher demand on the engineering companies that build the chassis and bodies. This results in us having to place these orders very early in the year.

Once an order is placed we carefully monitor our suppliers to ensure they meet their deadline. This year we had a number of emergency meetings to keep the pressure on the chassis builder, to deliver on time, as they were faced with their own supply problems.

With the opening of the SRDC we will be moving away from the cross-docking of carpets and moving back to the demount box trunking operation. This gives us improved vehicle efficiency and improves quality, as a consequence of less manual handling. However it also means we had to reconfigure the fleet to accommodate this. So earlier this year in March, we ordered 8 new CF75s with specialist drawbar chassis to cover the "trunking" of trailers with loaded boxes. We also ordered 2 LF55s with the ability to run with demountable bodies. As the photos show, the trucks look great and over the busy Autumn they have been put to good use!

Cormar continue to invest in commercial fleet in other ways too, example, by providing our drivers with the latest technology such as lane departure warnings and assisted braking.

17th October 2017