Cormar on BBC Breakfast

Back in August, Ian Ford, Managing Director at Cormar Carpets, was featured on BBC Breakfast, discussing recent innovations in carpet recycling throughout the UK.

This year, Cormar has partnered with Innovate Recycle - a textile recycling company which has launched the UK's first carpet recycling facility in Northampton, transforming how the UK uses end-of-life carpets by recycling them into reusable materials.

Of the 500,000 tonnes of end-of-life carpet produced every year, only a small percentage is currently recycled, resulting in a waste of valuable resources that could be reused. Processing up to 20,000 tonnes of carpet waste per year, Innovate Recycle's process extracts the original polypropylene and calcium carbonate components, diverting carpets from landfill or incineration and reclaiming the component parts to be used to make a range of new products. 

As a company, Cormar's polypropylene carpet is manufactured so that it can be recycled at the end of its life. This is done by ensuring we have the same single polymer for all the raw materials, from the yarn through to the backing, allowing it to be deconstructed when it reaches Innovate Recycle.

Cormar was delighted to feature on BBC live television as part of this piece, showing our support for this initiative and the steps being taken to improve recycling within the carpet industry. With Cormar having been at the forefront of carpet manufacturing for the last seven decades, our proactive approach towards recycling and sustainability solidifies us as a dynamic and leading-edge player in the market

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