Making Your Home Just Right...

We understand the importance of the home. It’s a sanctuary, a haven away from the outside world. We believe that a beautiful carpet can lay down the true fabric and character of any home. It’s the final piece that completes the look and feel and really sets the tone for the heart of the home. For us at Cormar, it’s all about creating the final piece of the puzzle to make our customers’ new, current, or dream home just right.

Whether it’s a family lounge to share those special moments together, a stairway to heaven, or a luxurious haven to catch up on some well-deserved, peaceful rest, a Cormar carpet will enhance any room and provide years of cosy warmth and domestic bliss. Our award-winning carpets are lovingly made using the finest wool or man-made fibres. We go the extra mile at our Lancashire mills to ensure the highest standards and quality.

Finding a perfect look and feel

Once you've decided on your specially chosen FREE Cormar Carpet Company samples, simply take them to your local retailer. Once you've ordered your samples, we'll include a list of local Cormar stockists in an email to you to help you along the way. Need more help and inspiration? Then click below