Wool Month: Exploring the Beauty and Benefits of Wool Loop Carpets

As Autumn approaches, we are, once again, celebrating all things wool. Wool is an organic, biodegradable, and renewable material, making it naturally kind to the environment while offering a welcoming and comfortable feel to any interior. 

When it comes to flooring options, wool loop carpets stand out as a timeless and versatile choice for homeowners. Known for their durability and luxurious texture, wool loop carpets have remained a popular choice for decades.

Here we explore the advantages of wool loop carpets and their suitability throughout the home...

Wool is a natural fibre known for its strength and resilience. In a wool loop carpet, the pile of the carpet appears as a series of loops so that, in effect, you walk on the side of the yarn. This means there is no visible difference in the wear between the top and the side of the pile, making it especially good for disguising the everyday tracking that can appear in hallways and living areas. Our Pimlico range, made from 50% New Zealand wool, exemplifies this durability and is an excellent choice for busy households.

Carpet featured: Pimlico in Madeira

One of the most appealing characteristics of wool loop carpets is their sumptuous texture. Wool loop carpets make the floor a real feature, adding texture as well as the contemporary look of modern flooring with all the warmth and comfort of wool. Offering distinctive designs, loop pile carpets add depth to a space and are an extremely popular option for stairs and hallways, making a design statement while also being practical and inviting.

Stair runners using wool loop ranges are becoming increasingly popular as a way of adding style, safety and comfort to a staircase. The addition of a canvas taped border provides another dimension to a staircase and offers the opportunity to bring in a co-ordinating or contrasting colour. Loop pile carpets perform better in terms of safety on staircases, are much less likely to flatten over time and also offer a more clean and crisp finish to the chosen edging.

Carpet featured: Fairisle in Boardwalk

Complementary of any décor thanks to their neutral colour palette, the natural hues of a wool loop carpet warm up any space and work well with the surrounding interior, making it a great long-term choice.

Now coming back into favour, wool loop carpets also offer patterned designs, such as stripes. With the timeless appeal of striped patterned carpets remaining a firm favourite, incorporating a striped carpet can help bring a variety of tones and shades into a scheme, as well as giving the illusion of additional depth or space in your room.

Keep things classic with our Pimlico Stripe range; versatile both on the stairs as well as in living and bedroom spaces, it's a failsafe way of injecting future-proofed pattern. 

Carpet featured: Pimlico Stripe in Dulwich Stripe

Stylist tips...

Creating a room that is vibrant and stylish, but also relaxing, relies on a few elements. Comfortable furniture, an inviting colour scheme and a floor that evokes relaxation, underfoot comfort and a feeling of subtle luxury. Available in a variety of ranges, all with their own individual style, a wool loop carpet provides the perfect base for any scheme.

Layering warm, neutral tones throughout your home in a variety of textures will create a luxe and classic look in any space. Select a tonal palette and then layer in contrasting materials and subtle pops of colour for a consistent look. Working within a tonal range provides you with an endless amount of options when it comes to playing with shape, form, and texture.

The addition of an accent chair in your living space is a brilliant opportunity to add an extra layer of depth and interest to your scheme. The perfect place to introduce a contrasting shade, a standalone accent chair can often bring a unique silhouette to your interior.

Pictured left is our Malabar Two Fold range in the colour Husk.

From the experts

“Adding texture to your home couldn’t be simpler or more accessible than visiting your local carpet retailer. A wool loop carpet would be the perfect choice to allow creativity and style, without compromising on practicality. The Pimlico range from Cormar Carpets offers three unique designs; level, texture and stripe, each with a different, distinct look that will suit a variety of interior styles. My personal favourite is Dulwich Stripe which is an incredibly versatile striped design that can be playful, or, more sophisticated depending on your interior scheme. Not only does the subtle design give the illusion of a larger space, the loops add real interest and balance to any room.”

Wool loop carpets offer a combination of luxury, durability, and sustainability that is hard to match. Whether you want to revamp your living room, make a statement in your hallway, or create a cosy bedroom retreat, our extensive range of wool loop carpets have something to suit every style. With their timeless appeal and eco-friendly credentials, wool loop carpets remain a smart choice for homeowners looking to enhance their living spaces.

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Please note that all imagery used is for inspiration purposes only. If you would like to explore creating a stair runner using one of our carpets, please speak to your local Cormar retailer who will be happy to help. Your nearest Cormar retailer can be found here.