Questions You Should Ask About Carpet Fitting

Where you can, always have your carpet fitted professionally – when you have spent time, money and effort choosing a carpet you really don’t want to ruin it by having it badly fitted. It is a skilled job and you get what you pay for. Poor incompetent carpet fitters will cut corners and sour the whole carpet buying experience!


Here are some questions to ask your retailer about the carpet fitter:

1. What qualifications does the carpet fitter have?

What you’re hoping to hear is that the carpet fitter is qualified to do what they’re saying. It’s worth asking the retailer about the carpet fitter’s qualifications and whether they regularly undergo training to ensure they keep up with the industry’s latest courses etc. Also, check they’re aware of the British Standard BS5325 – the code of practice for installation of textile floor coverings.

2. Who is the Master Fitter or Approved Fitter of the National Institute of Carpet and Floor layers (NICF)?

The NICF is the only accredited body for carpet fitters and its members have been assessed to ensure they offer a professional skilled service. Ask your retailer if your fitter is part of the NICF.

3. Does the retailer have any references or examples of work?

Be sure to ask for references to see examples of work that the fitter has previously carried out. This way you can tell if they’re genuine and can keep any promises that they make.

4. How much will a carpet fitter charge?

Once you’ve chosen your carpet, your Cormar retailer should provide you with a total cost of your carpet, underlay, plus any accessories, such as gripper rods. Most retailers provide their own fitting service and should be able to give you an itemised bill which includes the fitting cost per square metre, the total fitting cost plus underlay and accessory costs. Be sure to ask for this when you purchase your carpet.

5. What underlay will be suitable for my new carpet? Why?

New carpet needs new underlay too – it’s extremely important to the life of your carpet. Your retailer or carpet fitter should provide you with further details on which underlay – either PU, rubber or felt – suits your new carpet best.

6. Does it need new grippers?

Yes – new carpet, new underlay and new grippers! They provide a firm grip to your flooring and keep the carpet taut and help prevent any movement that may cause lumps and bumps.

7. Why will my carpet fitter stretch the carpet?

British Standards state that any carpet over five metres should be power stretched with the use of a power stretcher. Stretching a carpet whilst being laid helps to prolong the life of the carpet and ensures a neater, more even finish. It will also help with the maintenance and cleaning of the floor.

8. What vacuum will be suitable for my new carpet?

Different styles of carpets require different types of vacuum cleaners. For example, a cut-pile carpet should be vacuumed with an upright cleaner with beater bar and brush as this helps to lift pile. With a loop pile, vacuum with a cylinder cleaner using the suction head only. Your carpet fitter should provide you with further details as to which style suits your new carpet.