Made in Britain – A Reason to Choose a Cormar Carpet

If you’re passionate about all things British or love supporting homegrown products, then you’ll love a Cormar carpet!

Among those waving the flag for “keeping it British” are carpet and floorcoverings shops – one of the few retail sectors not to have been ‘swamped’ by the growth of large multiple chain stores.

So why “Buy British”?

For retailers, dealing with a British-based company has many advantages, especially when it comes to service. Dealing with a manufacturer who is locally based means that Cormar are on the spot to take full control of the manufacturing and distribution process. Retailers know they can rely on Cormar for a good backup service and in a competitive marketplace, that’s a vital reason for choosing to buy from a company like Cormar. Cormar are able to carry real depth of stock rather than having just a few rolls available, so no job is too big or small for us. Cormar is perhaps best known for the speed of which it can deliver carpet to its’ retailers, from order to despatch within 48 hours. This would simply not be possible if Cormar didn’t manufacturer at its Lancashire mills in Great Britain!

For those motivated by green issues, buying British also makes sense. Buying locally made produce, whether it’s groceries or carpets means that there’s less distance travelled and as a consequence a lower carbon footprint. It also means that you are supporting British jobs, something that is an increasing concern to people given the current economic climate.  It’s assuring to know that buying from Cormar helps to support over 300 manufacturing, office, sales and distribution jobs throughout the UK.

Why buy Cormar?

Cormar has been around for more than 60 years and is one of a few carpet companies still manufacturing all of its products from its mills in Lancashire. Not only can you be reassured that the carpet is British made but Cormar indirectly support British farming by using British Wool in many of its’ wool-based ranges.

Family-owned and award-winning, Cormar remains one of the leading UK carpet manufacturers thanks to top-quality ranges, excellent customer service and a fast, reliable delivery service – Cormar has more than 65 of its own vehicles that service retailers nationwide.

Look for Cormar’s ‘British Made’ logo and be one of the million consumers that choose a Cormar carpet every year.

And to see and feel our quality for yourself, order three carpet samples and we'll deliver them to your door, all for free.