Latest Carpet Trends & Styles for Stairs

A staircase isn’t just a functional part of your home, it’s a key part of your decor that can quite literally take the style of your home up to the next level. 

If you’re looking to climb a stairway to heavenly interior design, you’ll want to know all about the latest carpet trends for stairs. As ever, it’s important to consider practicality, as you strike the perfect balance between style and durability.

Evolving Styles in Stair Carpeting

The latest stair carpet trends embrace a wide array of contemporary colour palettes, patterns and materials. 

When it comes to colour, there are two ways to approach it. You can either go with a statement colour that stands out from the rest of your decor, or seamlessly blend your stairs with the rest of your home’s theme. 

Rich, vibrant tones are becoming increasingly popular, while neutral shades of beige, cream and grey remain in vogue for their timeless appeal and understated elegance. 

Patterns are currently seeing something of a creative resurgence. Geometric shapes, abstract designs and quirky prints are making their way onto staircases across the UK, bringing a modern twist to more traditional spaces. 

Striped carpets are also on trend not only for the attention they can grab, but for creating an illusion of a bigger space too. This can contribute to an even more welcoming hallway, and is particularly useful in a terraced home. 

Material choices are also evolving, with a focus on durability and comfort. Synthetic carpets feel better than ever underfoot, are incredibly hard-wearing and easy to maintain, making the ideal choice for homes with children or pets.

However, good quality wool remains a favourite for its resilience and luxury feel. Blends of natural and synthetic materials are increasingly common, with the aim of combining comfort and practicality.

Balancing Aesthetics and Practicality

Picking the right stair carpet is a balancing act between style, durability and practicality. Stairs are usually a high-traffic area, so you’ll want your carpet to be durable.

Materials like polypropylene are really tough and look great for years to come, while wool twist carpets are extremely hard-wearing if you prefer a natural material. 

Deep pile carpets are luxurious and soft underfoot, but might not be the most practical for stairs. To get around this, you could opt for a different carpet for your stairs and landing areas than your bedrooms and living areas.

A classic option to break up the carpets between your stairs and other spaces is to go with a stair runner carpet. This is also great for blending aesthetics with comfort and practicality. 

Popular stair runner ideas allow you to show off traditional Victorian woodwork and bannisters, complement a smooth mid-century visual or create a feature with the use of decorative stair rods. They’re ideal for wooden staircases that you love the look of and don’t want to cover up entirely, while giving you the comfort and sound absorbtion of carpeted stairs.

Safety First: Choosing the Right Texture

We’ve all had a little slip on the stairs, hopefully nothing worse, but the texture of your stair carpet is really important for safety. Something with a good grip and stable surface is vital for preventing slips and falls, especially for children and older people. 

Materials that are too smooth can be slippery, while overly plush carpets might not provide enough stability. 

Carpets with a short pile or looped texture, such as our Malabar Two Fold range shown here, often strike the right balance, giving you the grip you need without compromising on comfort. For steep or spiral staircases, it can be a good idea to choose a carpet with a firmer texture. 

Whatever type of staircase you have, consider its design and usage when picking the texture of your carpet.

Image (left): @thehome_life_

Carpet used: Malabar Two Fold in Dune

Customising for Different Stair Types

When you’re searching for the right carpet for stairs, there are a few things you’ll want to take into account. It’s not just about complementing the rest of your home’s style, you also need to think about the layout of your stairs. 

Straight staircases

Offering the widest choice, straight staircases are the most versatile type of stair. They allow for a wide range of styles and patterns, including bold and intricate patterns, as well as plainer, more understated designs. 

Curved staircases

If your stairs are curved, you’ll need a carpet that’s flexible enough to conform to their shape. Subtle patterns and solid colours tend to work best, enhancing the elegance of the staircase without overwhelming the curves. 

Spiral staircases

Adaptable carpets that can be shaped around tight spirals are what you want here. Smaller patterns and plain designs will help to bring continuity and flow to the circular motion.

Customer Stories: Real Experiences

"It has been a dream of mine for a long time to have a traditional stair runner, and after months of hard work and preparation, it was finally time to decide on a carpet.

After researching carpet styles and sifting through lots of beautiful inspiration via Instagram, we found Cormar Carpet Company, and this is where our search ended! 

I loved their social media presence and found this really helpful to provide inspiration as to how our home could look. The range of beautiful carpet styles/colours that are on offer is vast. 

We opted for a hard-wearing loop pile carpet, which is perfect for our little family. We started with the stair runner and landing, followed later by continuing with the same carpet through to both the master bedroom and second bedroom, which belongs to our two young boys. We are absolutely thrilled with the end result and the transformation that it has made!"

Samantha - @hoops_and_home

Finding Your Perfect Stair Carpet

Selecting the ideal stair carpet is a balance between aesthetics, practicality and safety. Whether you’re after a modern trendy stair carpet or something that oozes classic style, you need to consider the colour, pattern and material that best suit your home’s style and your staircase’s usage. 

We have plenty of stair carpet ideas if you’re after some more guidance, along with a diverse range of high-quality carpets for you to choose between. Or alternatively, why not order some free carpet samples before selecting your favourites?