How to Vacuum a Soft Carpet

In one of our previous blogs we talked about how the trend for ‘soft carpets’ has brought a new dimension to home interiors and shows no signs of waning with consumers.

But with a ‘new’ product comes new issues and in this instance, super soft carpets – while snuggly and cosy – can be harder to vacuum. And here’s why...

Soft carpets are made with a finer denser fibre count than traditional low pile carpets which is why they have a thicker, luxurious feel and a deeper pile. However, this means that a normal, high suction vacuum won’t work as well on this type of carpet as it’s difficult to push through and manoeuvre it.

But don’t worry, you can still vacuum your soft carpet! Just look out for a couple of features to make sure the vacuum is suitable for your carpet, making it easy to care for.

  • Adjustable height - Most vacuums now have a function to raise or lower the brush depending on the surface. For soft carpets, raise the brush to its highest setting so it doesn’t get stuck. If it’s too easy to push and doesn’t appear to be making contact with fibres, lower it one setting at a time until you can feel the brush and carpet are in contact.
  • Variable suction - A raised brush and lower suction is also less damaging to the carpet. Suction, when placed too close to the carpet backing, can lift the carpet slightly up. Over time, the carpet can buckle.
  • Large/wide wheels - The vacuum should glide easily across the carpet.
  • Beater bar - A beater bar, or power head, rotate to clean between and around the carpet fibres. This is ideal for denser carpet piles. Be aware that a beater bar should not be used on loop styled carpets including berbers or very long fibre styles like shags and friezes. Look for a vacuum that has the option of turning the beater bar off, or of removing the power head and replacing it with a suction-only attachment.

Buying a new carpet is a big investment for your home. To keep your carpet looking its best, it’s important to speak to your retailer regarding care and maintenance.