How to Keep Your Carpet Sparkling Clean This Spring

It’s that time of year when we’re motivated to make our houses look their best. Sunshine’s pouring through the windows and our homes need some serious TLC.

Your carpet is met with everything from muddy shoes to pawprints, knocked over drinks to food spatters. The feeling of panic when something gets dropped on the carpet is one the majority of us know about.

Here Cormar Carpet Company offer their top tips on how to clean your carpets and more importantly, remove pesky stains to ensure your carpet stays sparkling this spring!

  1. It’s important to periodically give your carpet a proper clean. Set a day aside and work through each room – you won’t regret it.
  2. Start by vacuuming every room in the house to remove any excess debris before you start the proper clean.
  3. Once you’re happy there are no crumbs or bits of fluff on the carpet, it’s time to take the next step – removing any stains.
If you have a wool carpet, you should:
  1. Make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job. You will need dry kitchen towel, a clean white cloth, warm water and a plastic spatula.
  2. Tackle a spillage or stain immediately – if you leave it for some time or allow it to fully dry, it may be harder to lift the stain out.
  3. If there are any semi-solid spillages (such as food, for example) ensure you pick that up first – you don’t want to be scrubbing stains into the carpet. Use a plastic spatula to remove these to minimise further contact with the carpet.
  1. Using a little warm water and a kitchen towel, gently blot the stain, working from the outside in to minimise spreading. Continue this, replacing the towel when necessary, until the stain has faded significantly. Be sure not to over-wet the carpet!
  2. Finally, use a clean, white cloth and a little warm water and continue to blot the stain until disappeared.
  3. If your stain is still visible after these steps- take a look at our Wool Cleaning Guide for more specific stain removal advice.
If you have an easy-clean twist carpet or a soft, deep pile carpet, you should:
  1.  Make sure you have a clean, white cloth, household bleach, warm water and kitchen towel to hand.
  2. As above, tackle the spillage immediately to ensure it doesn’t dry into the carpet and remove all semi-solids with a plastic spatula.
  3. Make a bleach solution, using one-part bleach and ten parts water.
  4. Using the white cloth and working gently from the outside in, gently blot away the stain, adding more bleach to the solution if necessary
  5. When the stain has been removed, carefully blot the carpet dry with kitchen towel

There are a number of ways to look after your carpet all year around

Here are some general tips:


  • Don’t wear shoes in the house.
  • Use welcome mats at the exterior doors to catch any excess dirt as people enter the house.
  • Vacuum regularly – around three times per week, with a high-quality vacuum cleaner. This will reduce the inevitable accumulation of ground-in dirt, which, when combined with liquid can result in stains.
  • Don’t scrub your stain/carpet – simply blot it. If you scrub too hard, you may remove the offending stain, but you may accidentally damage your carpet.
  • People often apply too much water and detergent to stained areas – resulting in drenching, damage and lingering odours. Keep it as dry as you can.
  • If/when you're about to invest in a new carpet, consider an easy clean option.