How to Decorate With Stripes

Be on the right lines for a bold and modern interior décor scheme with a striped carpet. 

There's no pattern quite so classic and versatile as a good stripe. They are simple, yet make a statement, and are a great way to transform a room.

Whether you go elegant or bold, bright or muted, decorating with stripes allows you to add a new dimension to a room. They can break up a neutral palette and are extremely popular for high traffic areas like stairs, hallways and living spaces as they make a design statement while also being practical and inviting.

If you want to experiment with striped flooring but are concerned it will overwhelm a room, stairways and hallways are a great place to start as a first-time striper.

Staircases are an important element in a home and can be a real focal point. A wooden staircase could feature a carpet runner that has warmer colours and earthy tones whereas a painted staircase could showcase darker striped shades for a more graphic effect.

Here are some top tips on earning your stripes:


  • For a classic look and to maintain balance, blend light stripes with soft neutral walls and solid furnishings.
  • To add drama to a space, opt for a deep textured dark striped carpet. It will also give an area extra depth and dimension.
  • Avoid clashing patterns and colours – it can look cluttered and distracted. A striped carpet is usually bold enough on its own.
  • For a smart linear look in a hallway, choose an understated striped carpet like Pimlico Stripe - Dulwich Stripe to elicit warmth
  • To create an illusion of length or width, stripes can play a pivotal role in producing a striking space.

The stripes trend is timeless, classic and modern – all at the same time. Very few patterns have the staying power of stripes, so don’t be afraid to bring this trend into your home! Click here to see our ranges.