Finding The Perfect Family Friendly Flooring

From sticky fingers, muddy paws or even accident-prone adults, flooring needs to cope with the thrills and spills of normal family life.

When it comes to choosing a carpet for a busy family home, don’t compromise style for practicality. Most retailers will offer carpet ranges from manufacturers that are designed specifically with ‘family life’ in mind – simple to clean, hard-wearing, warm, sound-absorbing, practical, soft and slip-proof.

For stumbles and knocks, carpet also makes good cushioning. Some of our sumptuous deep pile carpets like Sensation or Apollo Comfort make the perfect flooring for kids as they are soft enough to play on, roll or crawl around on and can lessen the impact of stomping tiny feet. 

As a parent you may worry about milk being spilled, dinner thrown on the floor or sticky fingers, but the beauty of our easy clean carpets is that they’re made from polypropylene, a great family-friendly fibre, with 10-year stain and wear guarantees – perfect for spills and messes. There is also an abundance of different neutral shades on offer with a colour to suit any décor scheme.

If your family includes a four-legged friend, you don’t need to give up your warm and cosy carpet for a hard wood floor. Yes there may be muddy paws or little ‘accidents’ but our easy clean carpets are dirt and stain resistant, bleach cleanable and easy to vacuum so you don’t have to worry about ruining your carpet.

Choose from our wide range of family-friendly easy-clean twist, or soft, deep pile carpets, all with the added assurance of a 10-year guarantee against everyday stain and wear.