Cormar Achieves Zero Waste to Landfill

Updated. 5.March.2012

Cormar Carpets Achieves Zero Waste to Landfill

Leading UK manufacturer, Cormar Carpets, has achieved its goal to have ‘zero waste to landfill’ at its Brookhouse Mill and Holme Mill manufacturing sites in Lancashire.

Nationally 400,000 tonnes of carpet waste is buried in UK landfill every year and with the German and Dutch governments recently banning carpet waste from landfill altogether, it’s likely that the UK government will follow in their footsteps.


To counter the threat, Cormar Carpets has been working with Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK), along with other carpet supplers, to reduce post-consumer waste to landfill nationally, as well as eliminating manufacturing waste going to landfill locally, at its own two mills in Lancashire. Over the last three years Cormar has worked to ensure:


• A 50% overall reduction in production waste at both sites, including carpet edge trims and joins.
• A 90% reduction in carpet fault waste produced during manufacturing.
• New ways to recycle or re-use traditionally difficult waste materials.
• 100% re-use or recycling of cardboard, plastic and metal tubes.


The most recently completed project was a baling press installed at Cormar’s Brookhouse Mill site. This compacts the backing plant waste carpet ‘edge trim’ and ‘sewings’ ready for collection by a third party.


Carpet Recycling UK was formed by several carpet manufacturers, including Cormar Carpets, and its aim is to find new uses for recycled carpet, promote carpet recycling in the retail and manufacturing sectors and lobby for a favourable environmental policy for the carpet industry.


To date Carpet Recycling UK has reduced the amount of carpet going to landfill by 10% in just two years. It has also helped divert 137,020 tonnes of carpet waste from landfill to recycling or energy recovery (equivalent to 8472 football pitches). And it has expanded its affiliated carpet re-use, recycling and energy recovery outlets from six to 24. CRUK has also provided a lead role on carpets within the Flooring Resource Efficiency Plan funded by WRAP and BRE Trust.


Following implementation of Cormar’s 3Rs initiative (Reduce, Re-use and Recycle) two years ago, Cormar has now turned its aims into reality. But as finance director Robert Barker points out: “We don’t plan to stop here. We take environmental issues seriously and although this is a fantastic achievement, we have several ongoing projects with further capital investment in new technology planned. The aim is to enable Cormar Carpets to stay well ahead of the fast changing landscape of environmental responsibilities for UK companies.”


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