New Oaklands Carpet Collection - A Weighty Issue

Updated. 1.April.2009

Bedroom Carpet

The recently launched New Oaklands collection offers consumers a choice of three carpet weights in 18 different shades.

With the launch of New Oaklands, Cormar is wading in on the weight issue - and the result is even more choice and value-for-money options.


As well as fashionable colours and trendy textures, many carpets now come in a choice of pile weights.


Says David Cormack of Cormar Carpets: "Carpets in multiple pile weights are becoming increasingly popular. There has always been a trend for people to use the same carpet throughout their home and now different weights, in the same carpet range, mean you can upgrade or downgrade in each room, where necessary to save money.


Cormar’s New Oaklands carpet collection offers three weights for the consumer – 32, 42 and 50oz at the approximate price points £21, £23 and £26 respectively. Made from 80% pure new wool, 10% tuftbond and 10% nylon it comes in 18 popular shades and is extremely versatile.


More expensive, heavier piles are ideal for areas that receive the most footfall ie hallways and stairs. Living rooms and dining rooms still need a carpet that is resilient to wear and tear but can afford to choose a more middleweight pile and as bedroom carpets do not receive such consistent use, a lighter weight pile can be used.


So what is pile weight? Well simply put, the more yarn there is in the carpet, the better the carpet. So for once, it pays to be heavier!


Yarn content is measured by pile weight and the more pile, the more wear surface it has. Pile weight impacts on feel, resilience and durability and is measured in ounces per square yard. All carpets flatten with wear over time, but a heavier weight carpet will generally always out perform one of a lesser weight.


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