Cormar Goes Green

Updated. 1.March.2009

Recycling Carpets with Cormar Carpets

Bury based Cormar Carpets, one of the UK's leading tufted carpet manufacturers, is waving the green flag for recycling.

Cormar Carpets is waving the green flag for recycling.


We have become one of the latest manufacturers to join trade association, Carpet Recycling UK, whose mission is to divert carpets from landfill to obtain the best value from the valuable raw materials in them.


"Recycling is very important to us," says Robert Barker, finance director of Cormar Carpets. "Being part of Carpet Recycling UK will help to get recycling moving faster as well as providing Cormar with the opportunity to help further drive down our waste."


In the past two years, Cormar has halved the amount of company waste sent to landfill and is looking at ways to reduce it further. The company has focused on recycling initiatives, along with creating enough revenue from recycling to pay for the remaining compactor waste to be removed.


"It is widely accepted that industry needs to move away from landfill as an "end-of-pipe" solution towards waste management, and more towards treating the issue of waste in a more proactive and sustainable manner," said Robert. "Wherever possible at Cormar, any discarded materials are diverted away from local landfills through reuse and recycling.


"Today, the issue is not just about the cost of disposal but increasingly about the value of what we are throwing away."


Carpet Recycling UK is making the investments the industry needs to carry out the collection, sorting, and processing for a wide variety of end-uses. The overall result will be a carpet recycling capacity of around 20,000 tonnes per year by mid 2009.





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