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Easy Clean Carpets

Stain Resistant 'Real Life Proof' Carpets

Cormar's Easy-Clean range of carpets are truly 'real life proof'! Accidental spills are shrugged off by carpets made using Cormar's Excellon Polypropylene. Everyday household stains such as wine and soft drinks become a thing of past as household food and drink spills are repelled for years to come.

Free Guarantee

We are so confident in our Easy-Clean family of carpets that we offer a range of Free Guarantees tailored to each product within the range.

Using a normal maintenance programme, each of the carpet ranges has been given either a 5 Year or 10 Year Warranty, during which time the carpet is guaranteed, in residential use, against staining from all household food and drinks spills.

To register your carpet for the carpet warranty fill out the online registration form and submit.

Easy Clean Technology

Cormar's family of Easy-Clean qualities all use Excellon Polypropylene fibre. During the production process of this advanced fibre the colour is locked into the structure of the fibre preventing everyday food and drinks spills damaging the pile surface of the carpet. This technology also means that spills can be cleaned using a solution of bleach without damaging the carpet. For more information on cleaning advice follow the cleaning and advice tips provided with your carpet or go to the Carpet Care section of the website.

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