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HRH Prince Charles supports Wool Campaign

Cormar Carpets is, once again, proud to support the Campaign for Wool - a nationwide marketing campaign initiated by HRH Prince Charles to rekindle Britain's love of wool.

The campaign which involves clothing, fashion, carpets, bedding, upholstery, interior textiles and building insulation materials is being supported by many of the major high street fashion chains including John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Jaeger, Topshop and Burberry as well as many independent carpet shops via point of sale supplied by the Carpet Foundation.

It was due to the declining price of wool over the past few years, leading to farmers making less on the sale of the fleece than it was costing to shear the sheep, that sheep numbers in the UK had fallen by 15% and a minority of farmers had moved to breeding 'wool-less sheep' - a breed that has been genetically developed not to continue growing wool. This prompted Prince Charles, who is a keen champion of the rural preservation of Great Britain as well as a strong advocate of all things natural, to help promote wool.

The support of over 120 businesses throughout the wool trade, and the exposure and education of wool throughout 50 of the most influential brands in the UK in 2010 has seen a rise in desire for natural wool from other countries and regions.

Cormar are one of the UK's largest producers of wool carpets with over two thirds of the range dedicated to wool or wool blend carpets in loop or cut pile styles. Popular wool ranges from Cormar include Avebury, Berwick, Home Counties and Natural Berber Twist. Each year Cormar estimate that over four million fleeces are used to spin wool yarn for their carpets. The best and most commonly used wools by Cormar are British Wool and New Zealand Wool.

A main feature of the campaign in 2011 is Wool Week held during September 5-11 where much media coverage is anticipated along with multiple events, installations and activities happening across the UK.

Cormar Carpets have a long history of producing wool carpets in both cut pile and loop pile styles. All our wool qualities can be seen on our Ranges pages and up to 3 free carpet samples can be obtained by clicking on your choice of colour.

Here's a quick handy guide to the benefits of wool:


Questions & Answers

Why choose wool?

Wool has been used for centuries and is well known for its performance capabilities. It is naturally flame retardant and has an in-built resistance to soiling and staining which keeps the carpet looking new and fresh for longer. Plus it is resistant to crushing; the natural 'crimp' in the fibre allows it to quickly recover from flattening caused by footsteps or furniture.

What's the difference between wool and synthetic fibres?

Wool is a natural product while synthetics are manufactured from man made chemicals. It is very durable and will last for many years without showing signs of wear, making it especially good for high traffic areas. Cormar's flagship British Wool range, Town & Country, is made from 80% pure new wool and is ideal for hallways and stairs.

Is wool eco-friendly?

Wool is 100% natural, biodegradable and sustainable. It is made from the simple combination of sheep, sunlight, water and grass. When disposed of, wool biodegrades, plus it is a planet-friendly renewable resource. Wool requires significantly less fossil fuel in fibre production which makes it ideal for today's consumers who are sensitive to the environmental dimensions of a product.

Are wool carpets easy to maintain?

Definitely - wool is easy to clean. Its natural ability to resist staining and soiling comes from the natural light wax that coats the surface of the wool. This coating helps stop dirt and stains from actually penetrating the wool leaving any soiling on or near the surface.

Once a new carpet is in place, make sure the quality is upheld by undertaking a good maintenance programme - regularly vacuuming two or three times a week. Cut-pile carpets should be vacuumed with an upright cleaner with beater bar and brush as this helps to lift pile. With a loop pile, vacuum with a cylinder cleaner using the suction head only.

Why should I choose a wool carpet over other floorcoverings such as wood or vinyl?

There's nothing like the feel of carpet underfoot! Studies show that wool's natural ability to regulate air moisture content and absorb pollutants improves the quality of the air we breathe. Also wool has noise absorbing properties which help reduce the sounds of everyday life (running up stairs, kids playing etc).

Is wool a good fibre for a children's bedroom?

Wool fibre is naturally flame resistant providing fire retardancy without the addition of chemicals. This makes it an excellent choice for any room in the home, especially children's rooms.

Are there plenty of choices on offer for wool carpets?

Wool carpets can come in a 100% or an 80% mix and are available in a wide range of styles and colours. 100% wool textured loop piles, such as Cormar's Woolmark Avebury collection, can make the floor a real feature, adding the contemporary look of a modern flooring, with the warmth and comfort of wool. Whereas 80% wool twist pile carpets tend to be produced in a wider colour palette, ideal for injecting some colour into the home. Wool Twists come in both plain and heather styles such as Cormar's Home Counties and Berwick ranges, as well as berber wool twist styles such as West Country and Natural Berber Twist.

Are wool carpets expensive?

Prices for good quality wool carpets vary from £15 to £35 per square metre. The price varies depending on the pile weight of the yarn going into the carpet, the quality of the wool and the type of yarn used - 'plyed' yarns tend to be more expensive than single yarns. Wool carpets tend to be slightly more costly than synthetics initially, but the characteristics of a wool carpet will pay dividends in the long term. Remember your carpet is the only bit of the home furnishing scheme that is walked all over, on a daily basis, so it pays to spend a bit more on a good quality carpet! For further advice visit your local independent high street retailer. For a list of your local carpet retailers go to our carpet shops page.

Does buying a British Wool carpet mean that the carpet is produced by a British carpet manufacturer?

No, British Wool is exported all over Europe so it is feasible that carpet sold under the British Wool brand in the UK could be made overseas, thereby escalating the carbon footprint of your carpet. To ensure that you buy a wool carpet made locally in the UK, look out for the Union Jack logo shown on most UK produced carpet sampling - see Cormar's British Made Logo.

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