You’ve purchased your new carpet and are waiting eagerly for it to be delivered. You want the fitting process to go as smoothly as possible so what should you do before your carpet arrives?

We’ve put together some tips to avoid any last minute hassles:

Things to do before your carpet arrives

Move Furniture

To lay a new carpet properly rooms should be cleared of all furniture.  In some instances where the furniture can’t be moved out of the room (for example a wardrobe or bed), a fitter will work around it as best as he/she can – again there may be a small charge.  Make sure all breakable items are removed from the room and disconnect and detach wiring for appliances and electronic equipment.

Remove Your Old Carpet

If you have carpet or any other flooring already fitted, it will need to be removed before the new carpet is fitted. Some fitters will provide this service for you but there may be a small charge. 

If you’re doing it yourself, follow these steps.

  • Vacuum the carpet one last time to get rid of excess dust
  • Don’t try to remove the old floor covering in one piece. Use a utility knife to slice it into manageable sections to roll up and get out of the door
  • Open the windows and let in fresh air as you remove the carpet and underlay
  • Vacuum the subfloor to remove any remaining dust and dirt

Air the Room

When a new carpet is fitted, ventilation is key. Ensure you air the room as materials involved with carpet removal and fitting can have an effect on indoor air quality. Keep windows and doors open throughout the process and for as long as possible over the next few days.