How to Use Light Colours in the Home

Max up the light by using white or cream coloured carpets to keep the feel-good brightness at home.

Laying a very pale carpet can really lighten up the home. It magnifies and reflects the sunshine in summer, while in autumn and winter, can fill the house with light and warmth, even when it’s dull and grey outside.

This versatile shade works well in a variety of colour schemes and design styles and doesn’t need to be boring or clinical.  Layer different tones of white for an illusion of space or inject a pattern or colour by adding a statement sofa or armchair to create a focal point.

Light colours in the home

For instance, our luxurious Primo Plus is breath-taking in nearly-white Snowdrift – yet it’s made from stain-resistant Excellon and is even cleanable with bleach solution. Surface dirt, like mud and spills, simply wipes away with a damp cloth. And no one would guess it’s man-made; it looks and feels like wool.

For those who would like some ‘white delight’ but aren’t quite sure they can take it totally plain, we have the answer. Pale, striped carpets like Boucle Neutrals Richmond Stone can lighten up a hallway, but still add a degree of character to the entrance of a home.

Why not order your free swatch samples here so you can see how the carpet colour works in your room.