Car-Pet Friendly – Choosing a Carpet to Suit Pets

Did you know that nearly half of the UK population owns a pet, with dogs topping the charts as the most popular?

As more and more households add a ‘furry friend to the family, it’s worth making sure your furnishings fit the bill. And the first place to look is at your floorcovering.

Labrador lead on grey carpet

You may feel that carpets aren’t the best choice for a home with pets especially as they can make a mess. However that doesn’t mean you – or your four-legged friend – have to forego the comfort and warmth of a carpeted home and settle for hard flooring. Plus carpet is non-slip (no skidding from playing fetch!) and sound absorbing. Choose a carpet wisely with our three top tips...

Tip 1

Opt for a cut pile carpet over a loop pile.  While loop pile can withstand heavy traffic and doesn’t show foot marks, it does not work well with cat’s claws or puppy paws!

Tip 2

Consider a polypropylene carpet. The easy clean fibre helps resist the thrills and spills from muddy paws, pet accidents or ‘deposits’ which are some of the biggest concerns pet owners have about fitting carpets in their home.

Little girl and Labrador sat on light grey carpet with cushions
Labrador lead on blue cushion on a grey carpet

Tip 3

Keep on top of carpet maintenance. Regular hoovering will remove pet hairs and dirt and any spills or accidents should be cleaned immediately to minimise staining and any lingering odours.